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Patents: Everything You Need To Know

A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention.        

If you are an inventor It is important to register your patent to guarantee exclusivity and further unique rights of use that otherwise will not be protected.

These rights are valid against all competitors. The rule is that the first to file receives full patent protection valid all competing creators whether their invention is a copied version of yours or a similar independent invention.

In order to obtain this right, a patent application must be filed to the Israeli Patent Office with the following attachments:

  • The applicant's name and address

  • Details regarding the invention

  • copy of the patent request form

  • A letter detailing the attached documents and fee paid

If the patent is granted, your patent protection is valid for 20 years starting from the filing date of the application. Medical products granted a PTE (patent term extension) can extend this period up to an additional five years.

There are several ways to strengthen and expand patent protection:

  1. Protect your patent abroad:

    Patent protection is territorial so to protect patents in other countries, a registration procedure is needed in each territory.  You can directly file separate patent applications at the same time in all of the countries in which you would like to protect your invention.

  2. Protect your invention in multiple countries by following one of these routes:


  • Paris route: If you file for a patent in a state party to the Paris Convention, with separate following patent applications in other state parties within 12 months from the first patent application, you will benefit from in all those countries by claiming the filing date of the first application.


  • PCT route: you can file an application under the PCT, directly or within the 12-month period provided for by the Paris Convention from the filing date of a first application, which has legal effect in all Contracting States of the PCT.

  3. You consider granting patent licenses :

A licensed patent is created when a patent owner grants permission to others to use, create or sell their patented invention. Doing this can create additional income and business opportunities for the patent owner. The license includes the conditions of the agreement between the parties such as the payment arrangement, defined territory and duration of the license.

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