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What can be registered as a trademark?

Logos, words, letters, numerals, trade dress, sounds, colours, 3D shapes, slogans, video segments, devices.


Minimum filing requirements

Mark description: word? Logo? If logo a picture needs to be provided

List of goods and services and classification under Nice Agreement

Applicant data (name, address)

Power of Attorney


Multiple-class applications

Multi-class trademark applications are allowed.


How long does registration take?

Without office actions and oppositions the mark can be registered within 9-10 months. Expedited application is also possible.


Opposition period

Oppositions against the trademark registration in Israel can be filed within three months from the date of publication of the trademark.


Use requirement

There is no use requirement when filing, however, a third party may apply for cancellation of a trademark registration on grounds of non-use by the trademark owner, during three years.


Validity term and trademark renewal

The registration of a trademark is valid for ten years from the application filing date. It may be extended for ten years an unlimited number of times. The trademark can be renewed three months before the expiration of the previous 10-year term. By paying extra fees it is possible to renew also within six months after expiration.



There is no official grant fee as far as it is included in the official filing.

The official filing fees are about 500$ for one class and about 380$ for each additional class.

The official renewal fee is about 900$ (every 10 years) for the first class and 800$ per each additional class

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